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1. History and Purpose

UrbanPromise International (UPI) implemented a sponsorship program in the summer of 2011 to provide support and funding to any UPI ministry that desires to participate in the program.  The sponsorship Program was created to foster sustainability of income for the ministries used to support the many children and youth at their various sites. The purpose of the policy and procedure manual is to provide standards for UPI and participating ministries, to ensure that the implementation of the Sponsorship Program is in alignment with the organizations’ values, mission, and strategy.  UPI will work with participating ministries to promote sponsorship, and secure, and maintain relationships with ministries sponsors. The goal of the sponsorship program is to provide a reliable base of funding for the continuation of free programs for the children and youth that they serve, securing the spot for all sponsored children, and providing extra funds to serve those who don’t yet have sponsors. Several of the ministries and schools use sponsorship funds to help them provide a feeding program as well. The school sponsorship program will assist in funding education for children and youth and provide them with materials needed to thrive in their education.  The SafeHaven sponsorship will cover the cost of caring for and educating young people living in the SafeHaven homes.

When a ministry decides to be part of the sponsorship program, it must adhere to all UrbanPromise International policies and procedures.

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