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YouthCare was established in 2003 to reach the orphaned street children of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. We operate the SafeHaven orphanages for 7 boys and 12 girls, providing a safe home, food, discipleship, and education. We also conduct AfterSchool Programs, Summer Camps, vocational training and a girls’ empowerment program. We are also in the midst of building a high school to serve the children of the area.

Besides the burden of overwhelming poverty, Malawi’s inhabitants are being ravaged by the growing pandemic of HIV/Aids, which has infected an estimated 16% of the total population. Tragically, this little land has earned the nickname “The Orphan Nation” because of the one million children who have been left alone in the wake of this disease.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of at-risk urban youth by equipping them with the tools necessary for academic excellence, life skills, spiritual growth, and leadership capacity, while meeting their basic physical needs.

Ministry Values
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Make An Impact!

All our ministries are working daily to offer love and opportunities to thousands of children each year. They are all striving to bring the support needed to help the children and youth succeed academically, grow spiritually, and develop into leaders who can bring positive change to their communities.

Our sponsors help sustain these ministries, making transformation possible for so many children and youth. Thank you again for believing in what we do and supporting a child.





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Child Sponsorship $36 per month/ $432 annual

When you sponsor a child, you are changing a life forever. With your support our ministries can reach hundreds of children through dynamic after-school programs, summer camps, nurturing staff, and holistic programming.

Child sponsorship covers the costs of a child to attend a Christ centered after-school program where they are fed, receive academic support, participate in games and interactive classes that complement their learning.

The sponsorship allows you the opportunity to partner with UPI, build a connection with a specific child, and experience our after-school programs through your child’s eyes!


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