Ministry Staff FAQ's

Email for any technical issue regarding the website.
  1. Navigate to your ministry page on
  2. Click on ‘My Account’ on top right menu
  3. Enter your login username and password
  4. If you want to change your password, click on the box labeled ‘Account’
  1. Click ‘Add New Student’ on top right menu
  2. Fill out form according to style guide instructions


  • Please do not use all CAPS


  • Please include both photos, not leaving them empty.
  • It is important to have both a closeup/headshot and a full-size, head to toe photo. However, if you do not have both at time of filling out the form, use the same photo for both. You can change the missing photo later.

Date of Birth

  • We realize that this is not always known. In such cases, please enter a ‘best guess’. It can be their ‘UPI birthday’.
  • This field will be used to calculate age, so we don’t have to update everyones age manually each year.

Gender and Grade Level

  • Required fields
  • Be aware that 10th Grade is a default so if you do not change it, it will assign that student to 10th grade.

Profile text sections

  • Please do not italicize or bold the whole text. Italics or bold could be used on a word or couple words for emphasis if needed.

  • If you are copying and pasting from a current profile, please do not copy and paste the section titles. The titles are already in the page that the sponsor will see. We want to avoid being repetitive.

    • Dear Sponsor:
    • A typical day for me looks like:
    • A description of my town or village:
    • Some needs and prayer requests:

IMPORTANT – do not include personal identity info.

  • No last names
  • No specific birthdate ( i am 10 years old ok)
  • No school or village names
  1. Click on ‘Student List’ on the top right menu
  2. Find the student you are looking for and click on their first name
  3. This will bring you to the page as it will look to a potential sponsor.
  4. When a new sponsor goes through this registration process, they will not have the edit button on the top of the page. Only a ministry sponsorship administrator will be allowed to edit.
  5. Click on EDIT to make any changes needed

If students move away or stop attending for whatever reason, we want to de-activate them on the site so a donor doesn’t pick a student to sponsor who no longer attends.

Every month we will ask you to look over the students on the site. Then, or at any time, let us know who should be de-activated and we will take care of it.

This link in the top menu brings you to a page with two sections.

The first section is all the students that do not have sponsors yet. The first name’s are links to the student’s profile.

The second section is all the active sponsorships with links to the update wall for that donor-student sponsorship.

Navigate to the ‘Student List’ page to find the link for the sponsorship you want to update. Use ‘Create New Post’ button to add a message, pictures, and/or a video.

There are edit links if you need to make a change. Important: be aware that a notification email will go out as soon as the post is first submitted.

As a ministry sponsorship coordinator, you will receive various email notifications to help you manage the activity on the site.

When a new sponsorship is created, you will get one email with info about the donor and a second email with info on which student they sponsored.

When a new sponsorship comes in, please make a welcome post on the update wall. Introduce yourself and the sponsorship program. Ideally, include a short intro video with the student.

When a monthly or annual payment is made, you will get a renewal email. This is just to let you know of account activity.

Keep an eye on when the sponsorship year is coming to a close. Send an “anniversary” thank you post for auto-renew sponsors. Others sponsors asked to be contacted before auto-renewing a year.

When you or the donor make a new post, an email will go out to both of you. This lets the other know there is something new to see and to encourage responses.