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Life Coaching Ministries was founded by a visionary young man named Hamilton Douglas Banda who is a graduate of African Bible College, Malawi. He is currently working on a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development from Cairn University, Langhorne, PA. Upon graduation he will return to Malawi to build upon a ministry he started prior to traveling to the States in 2020. Life Coaching Ministries reaches children living on the streets of the capital city of Malawi, giving them food, academic and spiritual support, and soon a place to call home.

Mr. Banda himself was a beneficiary of an UrbanPromise International affiliate ministry called YouthCare. His parents passed away when he was 5 years old. Due to poverty, he ended up living in the streets. At the age of 8, Mr. Banda was rescued from the streets and given shelter and education through a program called Safe Haven. His organization, called Life Coaching Ministries, will provide education, shelter, Christian formation, and food for street-connected children and orphans.

Life coaching Ministries aspire to see the street-connected children and orphans becoming responsible citizens and successful leaders who will realize their potential and bring change to the world. Therefore, we believe that “What these kids need is more than good policies and programs, they need parents-people, adults, who will remember their names, celebrate their birthdays, know their favorite colors, and enjoy taking them to the swings. Children flourish when loved and love takes people” Greg W. Bush.


Our Mission is to give hope and holistic transformation to street-connected children and orphans in the city of Lilongwe by providing food, educational support, Christian formation, and temporary shelter.


Integrity in all our programs
Serve children with love
Build leaders
Invest in communities

Make An Impact!

All our ministries are working daily to offer love and opportunities to thousands of children each year. They are all striving to bring the support needed to help the children and youth succeed academically, grow spiritually, and develop into leaders who can bring positive change to their communities.

Our sponsors help sustain these ministries, making transformation possible for so many children and youth. Thank you again for believing in what we do and supporting a child.





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When you sponsor a child, you are changing a life forever. With your support our ministries can reach hundreds of children through dynamic after-school programs, summer camps, nurturing staff, and holistic programming.

Child sponsorship covers the costs of a child to attend a Christ centered after-school program where they are fed, receive academic support, participate in games and interactive classes that complement their learning.

The sponsorship allows you the opportunity to partner with UPI, build a connection with a specific child, and experience our after-school programs through your child’s eyes!

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