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3. Can I visit my child?

Yes you can visit your sponsored child but here are some things we require first:

  • A sponsor may only visit with their sponsored child/youth through an organized visit through UPI or the participating ministry director. The visit must be planned through UPI or the ministry director.
  • Any visit with the child/youth must be as part of a team, accompanied by a ministry staff person. No sponsor may visit with a child/youth alone, for both the safety of the child/youth and the sponsor.
  • All visitors to UPI programs, and, or affiliates must always be accompanied by a designated staff member.
  • UPI and participating ministries will cease any visitor interaction with a child/youth if a child/youth asks for the interaction to stop, or if the child/youth appears uncomfortable with the interaction.
  • Permission from the child/youth must be granted before a photograph of them is taken for sponsorship purposes.
  • Visitors must dress in a culturally appropriate way and must always be in view of another adult when with a child/youth.
  • Visitors will be oriented on this when visiting through a UPI planned trip
  • Visitors must be sensitive to the unwritten laws of personal familiarity in language, conversation, and physical intimacy.
  • Ministry or UPI staff and visitors are expected and required to report any suspicion of child/youth abuse or misconduct immediately to both the ministry director and the UPI sponsorship coordinator.


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